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Lens Unit for Driver Monitoring

Detail Information

Application:Driver Monitoring
Part/Product:Parts for driver monitors (driver monitoring)
Industry:Automobiles and transportation equipment
Function:Face (line of sight)
Delivery Timeline:N/A

This is an example of a design proposal of a lens unit used for driver monitoring. The lens unit will be used as a component of a driver monitoring product that is used to prevent drivers from falling asleep at the wheel, which has become a common problem in recent years.

As a result of a defect in the original project, TOYOTEC, which has done business with them in the past, was consulted when looking for another supplier.

Since this project was for in-vehicle use, there was a request to consider cost and temperature drift, so we proposed optical design with multiple patterns such as glass lens only or a combination of resin lens and glass lens. We also adjusted the angle of view and conducted detailed simulations using MTF evaluation, CRA, vignetting ratio, and spot diagrams.

We can of course provide lens unit components, but we can also offer cost reduction and performance improvement proposals if you consult with us from the optical design stage in order to meet your requirements. If you are considering lens unit parts or cost reduction, please consider starting out by contacting TOYOTEC.

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