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Design / Development Support

Optical Design Technology Navigator can support your needs in designing / devoloping tooling for lens using ultraprecise machining, lens-based optical design, development of lens units (lens + mechanical components), based on your required specifications. Optical Design Technology Navigator, consists of 3 core technologies: optical, mechanical, and electronical. Based on these 3 technologies, TOYOTEC can support you from the optical design phase to the manufacturing phase as a partner.

Design and Development of Lens Tooling

In Optical Design Technology Navigator, you can order the manufacturing of ultraprecise lens core, which is the key to creating plastic lens, and also order tooling design (flow analysis included). It can be said that the outcome of a lens depends on the accuracy of the tooling. We utilize our unique know-how and manufacture high precision aspherical / free form lens using the latest ultra-precision machining equipment.

As assembling tooling needs expert knowledge and techniques, we have constructed a database that is organized by the techniques of our skilled technicians. That is why we are able to efficiently manufacture our tooling even in cases when micro-levels of accuracy is required.

In Optical Design Technology Navigator, ordered tooling are simulated by mold analysis software (MOLD FLOW). Analysis results are disclosed and reviewed by our technicians to plan out the best way to manufacture the tooling in advance. This is how we reduce the cost and time for prototype development.

Lens core tooling, a crucial part of optical design, is designed and manufactured in-house. Our high precision/ high quality tooling manufacture and its know-how based on our 30+ years experience has been highly praised from customers domestically and around the globe.

Optical Design

TOYOTEC’s Optical Design Technology Navigator, is an all-around manufacturer of optical, mechanical, and electronical technology that can support customer needs from the optical design / development phase to productization.

We have customized and done optical design for unique products ordered by customers in various markets such as camera, information equipment, electronics, industrial equipment, and automotive. Our strengths lie in our technical capabilities to be able to answer our customers’ needs, our ability to gather the latest info, and the proposal abilities to reduce the cost or improve product quality from the designing phase. We are continuously growing as a company to be able to not only respond to more customer needs, but to become an entity that can be held partnerships with until the near future, through well-thought customer oriented proposals.

Designing / Developing Precise Lens Units

In Optical Design Technology Navigator, not only do we provide services to manufacture lens tooling and do optical design, but we can also do integrated manufacture of precise lens units assembled by lens / mechanical components.

TOYOTEC consists of 3 core technologies: optical, mechanical, and electronical. This is why we can answer customer needs from not only optical design but through mechanical design and electronical technology, and provide support from the designing / developing phase to productization.

TOYOTEC’s Optical Design Technology Navigator, has manufactured many optical units to various markets over the years.We can support customers by 2 different ways. By doing optical design based on customer specifications and needs, and by realizing the needed mechanical structure.

Engineering Services

Lens / Lens Unit Development

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