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TOYOTEC Co., Ltd. (TOYOTEC group) (hereinafter referred to simply as “We”) recognize your personal information as your important asset so that you can use our products and services with peace of mind.
Therefore, we will handle the acquisition, management and the use of your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy set forth below. In addition, in order to improve the safety, security and satisfaction of our employees etc., the handling of personal information of them are also stipulated here. If there is a difference between the English sentence and the Japanese sentence, the Japanese sentence will be the correct sentence.

1st November 2020
Yoshiaki Ono



Handling of personal information

(Definition of “personal information”)
In this policy, “personal information” refers to information about living individuals that can identify a specific individual by the name, date of birth, or other description contained in the information. It also includes a personal identification code etc. (* Note)

Some of the acquired information about customers cannot identify a specific individual by itself, but if it is possible to identify a specific individual by combining it with other information, all such information will be “individual” to the extent that it is handled in combination. It is treated as “personal information”.

For the smooth operation of our business and the safety of our employees, we may collect telephone recordings, web access, etc. as “personal information”.
These will be strictly managed in compliance with this policy, and will not be used in principle for purposes other than those specified here.
(Compliance with laws and regulations)
When handling personal information, we have obligations stipulated in the guidelines published by the “Personal Data Protection Commission (of Japan)” and the competent authorities regarding Japan’s “Act on the Protection of Personal Data” and other laws and regulations on the protection of personal information. We will comply with this policy.

In addition, in the operation of this policy, not only domestic laws but also international standards and laws of each country are treated as “decree” as necessary so that overseas customers can use our products and services with peace of mind.

(Acquisition of personal information)
When acquiring personal information, we will endeavor to obtain the consent of the individual by clearly indicating the necessary information such as the items and purposes of use of personal information to be handled in advance, the method of acquisition, and the contact point for our inquiries.We will comply with the case where personal information is acquired from a third party and there is a legal obligation to confirm and create a record when receiving the information provided by a third party.

If personal information includes sensitive personal information such as the person’s race, beliefs, social status, medical history, criminal history, and facts of being harmed by a crime, without the explicit consent of the person, we do not collect personal information.

(Use within the scope of the purpose of use)
We will handle personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use (as the following table) specified in advance, and will take measures for that purpose, except when the consent of the person is acquired in advance or when permitted by law.

  • The information of “legal person” is not covered by this policy, and we will utilize it in our corporate activities. But business person’s personal information in relation to legal person who are our customer, stock holder and so on, we will handle as “personal information”.
  • We will usestatistically for corporate activities “anonymized information” processed so that individuals cannot be identified.
  • We may provide the personal information we acquired when we receive guidance or orders from legally legitimate authorities.
  • When we use personal information acquired from persons other than the following, or when we use it for purposes other than the following, we shall indicate the purpose and acquire consent each time.
  • The acquired personal information will be deleted after the period stipulated by law and the period deemed appropriate by our company has passed.
  • We will immediately delete the resumes of those who were not hired in the employee recruitment activities, and we will not retain this information.
From whom we acquired Scope of purpose of use

Customer, Business connection

ⅰ To provide products we handle and after-sales service

ⅱ Research and development of new products or services

ⅲ Market research, advertising and sales promotion

ⅳ To send various information from us


ⅰ Exercise of rights, fulfillment of obligations and stockholder management based on laws and regulations

ⅱ Investor Relation


Prospective hires

(Include family information in this line)

ⅰ Information sharing with related party necessary for changing the status of the employee or prospective hires, such as hiring, promotion, demotion, transfer, etc.

ⅱ Information sharing with tax authorities

ⅲ Communications (including information acquired from retirees in this section)

Applicants for recruitment activities

ⅰ Notice of employment information

ⅱ Recruitment selection, recruitment administration management at our company


(Personal information of customers under 16 years old)
We will endeavor to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the collection, storage and use of personal information about customers under the age of 16 or under the age of each national law. If you become aware that your child has provided us with personal information without the consent of your guardian, please contact the contact point provided in this policy if you are a guardian.

(Safety management measures)
We strive to keep personal information accurate, complete, and up-to-date within the scope of the purpose of use, and in order to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, falsification, loss, damage, etc., we have adjusted to the technical level at that time. We will take necessary and appropriate safety management measures and make corrections as necessary.

(Supervision of contractor)
We may outsource the handling of personal information to a third party to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In that case, we require them to take appropriate security measures under our security policy. In addition, regarding the outsourcing of business to a third party, we always check the handling of personal information through contracts, etc. so that appropriate safety management can be achieved, and if there is any information leakage, etc., we will deal with it within the specified time.
If the business is outsourced to a third party in a foreign country and there is a legal obligation to create a record, we will comply with it.

(Provided to a third party)
We will not provide personal information to a third party without the consent of the individual, except as permitted by law. We will comply with the case where personal information is provided to a third party and there is a legal obligation to create a record when providing it to a third party.

(Responding to inquiries)
We will respond appropriately to inquiries regarding disclosure, correction, suspension of use, erasure and other handling of personal information in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations. Please contact the inquiries of the company written below on Article 11.

(Strengthening the system, education, etc.)
In order to handle personal information appropriately, we have included a review of this policy through the establishment of a person in charge of managing personal information, the establishment of internal regulations, the education of officers and employees, and the implementation of appropriate internal audits. We will strive to continuously strengthen and improve our internal system.

(Inquiries, Regulatory agency)
If you have any doubts about our handling of personal information, anyone can contact the Regulatory agency or our personal information protection manager, but we will respond in good faith at the inquiries, so first of all, please contact the following personal information protection team.

11 Inquiries
TOYOTEC Co., Ltd. / HR development department (for Hiring)
Telephone +81 533 85 1185

TOYOTEC Co., Ltd. / Sales department (for Customer Support)
Telephone +81 533 85 3000

12 Regulatory authorities
32nd floor of Kasumigaseki Common Gate West Building
3-2-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013 Japan

Personal Data Protection Committee
Telephone: +81-3-6457-9680 (Representative)
Note (Personal identification code conforms to the Cabinet Order / Guidelines of the Personal Information Protection Commission. The definition as of the date of revision of this policy includes the following: (1) Passport number, basic pension number, driver’s license number , Resident’s card code and personal number, and (2) Characters, numbers, which are written on the insured person’s card of National Health Insurance, Medical System for the Elderly, and Long-term Care Insurance so as to be different for each person who receives the issuance. Symbols and other codes. (3) (a) Sequence of bases constituting DNA, (b) Face skeleton and skin color, and appearance determined by the position and shape of eyes, nose, mouth and other facial parts, (c) Surface of iris linear pattern formed by undulations (d) Vibration of vocal cords during vocalization, opening and closing of the gluteal tract and shape and change of vocal tract, (e) Posture and movement of both arms during walking, stride length and other walking (g)The shape of the vein, which is determined by the bifurcation and endpoint of the subcutaneous vein on the palm or back of the hand or finger, (h) fingerprint or palm print. (4) Location information, IP address, online identifier (including cookies in principle).

Addendum) This policy was proposed and created by Eiji Mizuno, a certified system auditor.

For any external websites linked from our website, the policy of that website shall be followed.

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