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Ultra-Low Distortion Lens Units for Automatic Forklift Cameras

Detail Information

Application:Automatic Forklift
Part/Product:Ultra-Low Distortion Lens Unit
Industry:Automotive and Transportation Equipment
Dimension:L28mm x Φ32mm
Function:Obstacles in warehouses, etc.
Delivery Timeline:N/A

This is an ultra-low distortion lens unit for use in automatic forklift cameras. It uses the RDL lens, which was originally developed by our company and can perform real-time processing at a wide-angle range / low distortion.

The customer used to use wide-angle cameras on their forklifts, but they had to correct distortions as needed. However, the more the distortion correction, the further it became from real-time, so they were looking for a product that could acquire undistorted images in real-time.

Cameras for moving objects such as forklifts need to detect obstacles and people in warehouses, and acquiring information from as wide a field of view as possible will improve their performance. However, the wider the angle, more distortion correction needed to make a higher accuracy of analysis. This inevitably results in a slower frame rate (fps), which means that information processing takes longer and lacks real-time capability.

On the other hand, the ultra-low distortion lens unit developed by TOYOTEC is capable of sensing up to a horizontal angle of view of 120 degrees, and our unique optical design technology reduces distortion to less than 2%. This eliminates the need for distortion correction by image processing and enables high fps shooting. Elimination of distortion correction also eliminates the loss of pixels due to image processing, resulting in the acquisition of high-quality images in real-time.

This ultra-low distortion lens unit have been used not only by these customers, but also in a wide range of fields such as agriculture, production, and surveillance cameras, and has been highly appraised by our customers.

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