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Prism for Fingerprint Authentication

Detail Information

Application:Fingerprint authentication machine
Part/Product:Sensor for fingerprint authentication
Industry:Security, Automatic Identification, Biometrics
Delivery Timeline:3 months

This is a glass prism used for fingerprint sensors.
These sensors are used when entering and exiting public facilities and when logging on to computers.

This customer was looking for an optical manufacturer that could manufacture the product they were considering, and came to know about us at an exhibition.
At that time, they were also interested in the fact that we have a lot of experience in manufacturing prisms.

We repeatedly conducted 2D simulations using an ideal lens to evaluate focal length, image formation, resolution, and MTF performance.
We also proposed the optimal optical arrangement for the actual product by using the “Shine Proof Principle,” which states that when the object surface and the main surface of the imaging lens intersect in a straight line, the object surface that is in focus also intersects in the same straight line.
The customer was very pleased when we proposed the optimal optical arrangement for the actual product.

In this way, TOYOTEC proposes the optimum optical design according to the customer’s specifications and application. We offer optical design proposals that include not only optical lenses, but also mechanical units such as sensors and modules.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about optical product research and development.

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