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Plastic Surgical Instruments

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Application:Surgical instruments
Part/Product:Transparent molded products
Industry:Medical care and medical equipment
Delivery Timeline:N/A

This is an example of a transparent molded plastic product used in cataract surgery. This instrument is used for positioning the eye during surgery.

Originally, the customer was using metal surgical instruments, which were cleaned and then reused. However, in order to improve surgical efficiency, they wanted to change from metal to plastic and make them disposable. When they asked another supplier to help them reduce costs, they found it difficult because of air bubbles in the product, so they searched the Internet for another supplier and contacted TOYOTEC.

The molded product is about 100mm in diameter and is a positioning product used in surgery, so removing impurities such as air bubbles was a challenging task. However, since we have experience in producing molded plastic lenses and lens module parts, we were able to propose a high-precision molded product by utilizing our know-how. In addition, since we handle the entire process from the manufacturing of ultra-precision molds to manufacturing, we are able to manufacture high-precision molds that meet the customer’s specifications at a low cost.。

In this way, TOYOTEC is able to provide not only optical products but also plastic molded products and their high-precision molds, which enables us to make design proposals and mass production including cost reduction. If you are having trouble reducing the cost of plastic molded products, please contact TOYOTEC.

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