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HMD(Head Mounted Display)Projection Lens Unit

Detail Information

Application:HMD(Head Mounted Display)
Part/Product:Projection Lens Unit for HMD
Industry:XR/VR・AR・MR technology
Dimension:14mm × 21mm
Function:Video Projection
Delivery Timeline:2 Months

HMD: This is a lens unit used for the projection of a head-mounted display (HMD). This HMD is mainly used for amusement and remote-control support purposes.

The customer wanted to conduct expensive preliminary experiments with the cutting of aspherical and free-form plastic lenses for a new model that is under development, so they came to us, as we are professionals of those kinds of plastic lenses.

In addition to cutting plastic, TOYOTEC has used its experience handling electronic viewfinders in the camera industry to make a variety of proposals from the design and development phase of the HMD projection lens unit. We have received high praise for the performance of our prototypes, and we will continue to manufacture the lens for the next generation as well as the first generation of products.

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