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Cylindrical Projection Lens for Flow Cytometer

Detail Information

Application:Flow cytometer (cell analysis system) line laser
Part/Product:Projection Lens
Industry:Medical care and medical equipment
Function:Cell analysis
Delivery Timeline:2 months

This is a cylindrical lens used in a flow cytometer.
A flow cytometer is an analytical device used to observe cells one by one, and a cylindrical lens is used to project the laser light evenly.

The flow cytometer itself is an extremely expensive piece of equipment, and because the number of units on the market is small, catalog lenses have been used as the mainstream for commercialization.
However, unlike the trend in the past, this customer had a large production volume and the prospect of cost reduction by customizing the optical system.
They contacted us because we had experience in custom optical system lenses for other applications.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a requirement for custom optics for medical devices, or if you are thinking of doing so!

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