All About Optical Systems and Lens Technologies

What kind of facilities does TOYOTEC own to assure the quality?

TOYOTEC, who operates Optical Design Engineering Navigator, has been manufacturing a wide variety of precision optical products, since its founding with camera lenses, TOYOTEC offers a wide range of measurements and evaluations to ensure stable quality.

We have a wide range of measurement and evaluation facilities available at our Japan and China production factories, such as profile and eccentricity measuring equipment which measure whether the lens surface is in accordance with the design and specification, spectrophotometers which measure the characteristics of the coating on the lens (transmittance and reflectance at specific wavelengths), and of course we have evaluation equipment which measures the performance of the imaging system unit in which the lens is assembled.

Our experience in manufacturing a wide variety of optical products enables us to understand the function and performance of our customers’ products. Moreover, we can design and manufacture our own specialized evaluation equipment to evaluate the performance of the parts, rather than just the parts themselves. This kind of approach is appreciated by customers in a variety of markets.

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