All About Optical Systems and Lens Technologies

What is the wavelength range that is available for production?

TOYOTEC, who operates Optical Design Engineering Navigator, can produce products in the wavelength range from visible light to near-infrared (400 to 1000 nm).

Due to TOYOTEC does not possess evaluation equipment for wavelength over 1,000nm, quality assurance is difficult to guarantee for wavelengths over 1,000 nm.
But TOYOTEC may be able to produce products in other wavelengths besides mentioned in above with the cooperation of our partner companies.
Our customer can also lend us the evaluation equipment to perform quality evaluation.

For customers who are also thinking about production in a wavelength range that is not mentioned in above, please contact us.

In addition to anti-reflective coatings, we can also apply metal coatings (aluminum) to plastic parts.
We can support not only lenses used in your products, but also mirror parts, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in metal coating production or mirror parts. Please feel free to contact us if you are considering the use of metal coating or mirror parts.

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