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(RDL) Can any other CMOS sensor except 1.2 megapixel be used for RDL lens ?

Yes, it is possible.

However, since the lens is designed to match the performance of 1.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, when mounted on a sensor other than 1.2 megapixel one, the rendering performance of the image output may be degraded or a part of the screen may be missing.

In addition, our standard RDL lens is designed to perform best with the image sensor “MCM320” manufactured by Gazo Corporation.
If you wish to mount the lens module on another CMOS sensor, you will need to specify the CMOS sensor and its purchase destination.
After we purchase the CMOS sensor, we will assemble it with the RDL lens and deliver it to you.

As mentioned above, due to design reasons, a non-standard CMOS sensor will not be available. The performance of the RDL lens may not be maximized or even if the shape of the mount matches, there is a possibility that the length (flange back) will not match.

Semi-custom designs based on RDL lenses are also available to match the CMOS sensor of your choice.
Our expert staff will work with you to review and propose the best CMOS sensor for your application.

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