All About Optical Systems and Lens Technologies

What kind of shape of lenses TOYOTEC is able to make ?

TOYOTEC can process various lens shapes.
The shapes of lenses by material category are as follows

■ Glass Lens
Cylindrical lenses ・fθ lenses ・Prism lenses

■ Plastic Lens
Aspherical lenses, free-form lenses, fθ lenses, toroidal lenses*1, prism lenses, Fresnel lenses, ROE lenses, collimator lenses, powell lenses*2 ・micro lens arrays

We have experience with a variety of shapes other than those listed above, so please feel free to inquire about lens shapes.
*1 Toroidal lens: A lens with surfaces having different radii of curvature in the vertical and horizontal directions.
*2 Powell lens: Also called a laser line generator lens. A lens that spreads parallel beams in a fan shape to create a uniform laser beam.

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