All About Optical Systems and Lens Technologies

What are some examples of optical applications?

TOYOTEC, who operates Optical Design Engineering Navigator, has experience that our design has applied to many applications.

Here is our one of the examples of application we designed.
・Automotive – Light distribution lenses for LED illumination
・Barcode – ROE, imaging lens
・Sensor – Position sensor
・Printer – Light guide
・Toy – Imaging lens
・HMD – Emitter lens
・Medical – Lens for Particle Measuring Devices

We also have a lot of experience proposing mechanical design according to customer’s optical design from manufacturing point of view.
We have capability of designing not only the Lens but also Lens Unit. Lens Unit design can consider feasibilities of lens design and mechanical part together.
Moreover, we can follow your procurement and production plan case by case. Please feel free to contact in any cases.

If you have any problem or question on optical parts project contact us in any time.

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