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Is TOYOTEC IATF16949 certified ?

No, TOYOTEC, which operates Optical Design Engineering Navigator, is not currently IATF16949 certified.

However, we have a long history of working directly with Japanese Tier 1 auto parts manufacturers in both our Japanese and Chinese factories.
We have passed our customers’ rigorous factory and process audits, and we routinely make further quality improvements while continuing to maintain a high level of compliance to customer requirements.
Therefore, based on our many years of experience in automotive applications, we believe that our quality assurance system for automotive components meets the levels of quality required by IATF16949.

As our international customers are increasingly looking to IATF16949 as a benchmark for global standards of quality,
We are currently working to obtain the certification by 2022, with the aim of doing business with non-Japanese automotive component suppliers.

In this way, we are developing and manufacturing optical /mechanical parts while improving quality on a daily basis, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the development and manufacturing of our products.