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Lens modules for ADAS (Automatic Driving) Sensors

Detail Information

Application:ADAS Forward Sensors for Automatic Driving
Part/Product:Light Emitting / Receiving Units
Industry:Automotive and Transport Equipment
Dimension:38mm x 67mm
Function:Automobile, General Obstacles
Delivery Timeline:6 Months

This is a lens module used in sensors for forward visibility in Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). It is used to measure the distance of an object up to about 10 meters.

The customer was looking for a manufacturer that could consult with them on optics and offer services from prototyping, so they contacted TOYOTEC.

This lens module is a lens module that can emit and receive light. We produced a complete set, including the plastic lens for emitting light, the plastic lens for receiving light, the metal and plastic housing, and the substrate.

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