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fθ Optical System Performance Evaluation Machine

Detail Information

Application:fθ Optical System
Part/Product:Specialized Evaluation Machine
Industry:Copy Printers
Dimension:Based on Customer Request
Function:Beam Spot Location / Size
Delivery Timeline:8~10 Months

This is a special machine that evaluates the performance of the f-theta optical system, which is used in laser beam printers.

This f-theta optical system is used in copiers and printers that you often use in your office, but if the optical system is not designed properly, the characters printed on the printed paper may not be spaced evenly or the characters and lines may not be straight.

Due to the high degree of difficulty in commercializing the designed f-theta optical system, customers rely on suppliers like us who can handle not only the optical system components such as lenses, but also specialized equipment to evaluate the optical system. While we can measure the shape of individual lenses, we can meet the customer’s performance evaluation requirement (such as beam spot focal point and spot size requirements) at a higher level by using a specialized evaluation system that can determine whether the lens is usable or not in the customer’s environment.

Our experience in manufacturing a wide variety of optical products allows us to understand the function and performance of our customers’ product. Therefore, we can not only measure the components themselves, but we can design and produce our own dedicated evaluation machines to evaluate the performance of components. These efforts are appreciated by customers in a variety of industries.

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