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Reference Development Case Glass Lens Unit for Liquid Lense(Analysis & MTF Evaluation)

Detail Information

Application:Imaging-Lösungen und Kameras
Part/Product:Liquid Lens
Industry:Andere Branchen
Dimension:14.71mm x Φ32mm
Delivery Timeline:-

Do you have any of these problems?

Common Challenges
・There is a specification that you want to achieve with your product, but you are unable to design it into optical specifications.
・Lack of optical designers who can handle new projects.
・Want to design optics including liquid lenses.
(Aberrations may occur and performance may not be achieved with off-the-shelf lenses + liquid lenses combination.)

What TOYOTEC can do
・TOYOTEC provide optical specifications to meet the specifications and issues that you want to achieve with your products.
・We make prototypes and do MTF evaluation and optical performance analysis.
・We propose optimal designs for mass production based on analysis data.
・We propose optimal material combinations and designs that meet cost and required specifications.
・We are capable of optical design of optics including liquid lenses.

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