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Lupeneinheit für Smartphones

Detail Information

Application:External Lens for Smartphones
Part/Product:Lupeneinheit für Smartphones
Industry:Agriculture & Medical
Function:Pollen, particles, cells
Delivery Timeline:3 months

The magnifier lens unit is a clip-on device that can be attached to a smartphone.
This product is being developed based on the concept of “being able to easily see small objects and organisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye”, by attaching it to an existing smartphone camera and using it as a handy magnifier, there can be numerous possibilities in its use and application.

There are some ready-made products on the market, but the ones currently available have a fixed focus, which makes it difficult to see the objects customer want to observe due to distortion and narrow field of view. Toyotec had previously introduced our RDL lenses to the customer who requested this product, and they thought, “If we use TOYOTEC’s technology which can design a lens with a wide field of view and no distortion, we can solve the problems of ready-made products and develop a new magnifier for smartphones together. This led the customer to consult about this product.

>> RDL: Real Distortion-Less lens unit (Wide Angle, Ultra-Low distortion, and High quality)

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, TOYOTEC has organized a team to identify the issues and requirements which need to be addressed, and propose ideas to achieve them.
In this way, TOYOTEC provides support from the design stage in colaboration with customers for new products that are not yet available in the market.
TOYOTEC has the ability to provide optical and mechanical design until manufacturing which provides customer a possibility of unique lens design that matches their requirements.

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