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Custom Lens Unit for Warehouse Inventory Recognition

Detail Information

Part/Product:Warehouse Inventory Recognition Camera
Industry:Automotive & Transportation
Dimension:L28mm x Φ32mm
Function:Warehouse Inventory
Delivery Timeline:-

Challenges Before Implementation
When capturing images of a large area at a limited distance from an object, the customer had difficulty calibrating the software to correct the distortion of the images captured with a wide-angle lens. With ultra-wide angle lenses such as fisheye lenses, the edges of the image were shrunk, making it difficult to recognize feature points, and correcting distortion in high-resolution images caused delays in the real-time image.

We received an inquiry about RDL through an introduction of VR/AR system development company that was aware of the customer’s challenges and TOYOTEC’s technology. In addition, TOYOTEC is capable not only of designing special lenses such as RDLs, but also of customizing design specifications to meet the customer’s needs.

Prospects for the Future Based on the Effects and Changes Resulting from the Introduction of the System
Although we are still in the introduction study stage, the actual test simulation has reduced the burden of calibration for distortion correction. We have received feedback that this technology will become even more necessary with the introduction of high-resolution cameras in the future.

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