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Lens Unit for Coin Image Recognition Sensor

Detail Information

Application:Coin Image Recognition Machine
Part/Product:Imaging Lens Unit
Dimension:L15mm × φ16mm
Function:Coin recognition
Delivery Timeline:3 Months

Image Recognition: This is a lens unit for a sensor used in a coin identification imaging machine and is use to recognize coins used in the amusement industry.

The customer who was planning to develop this product had never customized optical components themselves, and have ordered this sensor by OEM. This time, however, their manufacturer was unable to meet the requirements of the catalog products, so they turned to us to find an optical manufacturer that could consult with them on the entire project, starting from zero design.

This coin image recognition sensor required a short focal length of 1.8 mm, and the imaging range and object distance is to set so that the entire coin will be captured. Therefore, we succeeded in developing this lens unit by creatively designing a combination of glass lenses and metal parts.

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