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Where does TOYOTEC fabricate optical insert?

TOYOTEC optical insert manufactured in Japan and China.
In addition, the optical insert can be manufactured in various shapes such as free-form surface, aspherical, lens array and so on.

The optical insert is the most important tooling component in forming the lens surface of the plastic lenses we produce.
Moreover, high-precision processing machines are required to process optical insert at the nanoscale.
Plating is implemented as a preliminary step before machining the optical insert, and the quality of the high-precision processing including plating has a great impact on whether part meets the customer’s product specifications or not.

For the reason above, TOYOTEC manufacture optical insert in Japan to take into account the machining accuracy of the high-precision machine and the quality and performance of the optical insert.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the manufacture of optical insert of various shapes.

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