All About Optical Systems and Lens Technologies

Is it possible to order a prototype even if I don’t know it can be realized?

Yes, at TOYOTEC, which operates the Optical Design Technology Navigator, we can propose methods for prototype sample to meet product specifications and budgets.

Utilizing the expertise, we have accumulated over the years in optical products, TOYOTEC designs and proposes solutions from the very beginning phase, such as optimize material selection, lens manufacturing and unit assembly. We can also procure the parts used for lens unit assembly from our supplier network.

There are two methods for plastic lens prototyping: one is cutting resin material, in which the lenses are ground, and the other is manufacturing prototype molds dedicated to lens prototyping for small-lot production of several pieces to several thousand units.

We also offer a 3D printing parts as a simple method of verifying shapes for mechincal parts.
Please feel free to contact us for more information, as it depends on the material, product shape and its accuracy.

We will support you in realizing your product if you have any requests for such a product, prototypes, or other problems.
Please feel free to contact us.

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