All About Optical Systems and Lens Technologies

What market experience does TOYOTEC have ?

TOYOTEC, which operates Optical Design Technology Navigator, has experience in the fields of FA sensors, robot/machine vision, barcode scanner, medical devices, automotive parts, security, LED illumination, and office automation equipment.

Factory automation Sensors: Lenses for displacement /photoelectric/safety sensors and LIDAR, lens assemblies for image processing cameras and safety sensors.

Robot/machine vision: Lenses and lens assembly units for vision sensors

Barcode scanner: Imaging lenses, illumination lens and plastic housings for 2D scanner, plastic mirrors for laser type

Medical devices: Lenses for intraocular pressure diagnostic equipment and lens units for blood cell analyzers

Automotive parts: Lenses for object detection (LIDAR) and rain detect sensor lenses

Security: Lenses for surveillance cameras, optical covers, human and object detection lenses

LED: Light guides and light distribution lenses for lighting

OA equipment: f-theta lenses, cylindrical lenses, scanner lenses, mechanical parts for laser beam printers

Although these are our representative products, we are currently focusing on developing new fields such as agriculture, medical equipment, and drones, as well as these fields. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about optical design or lenses in fields other than those mentioned above.

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