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Lens unit for AGV Anti-collision Sensors

Detail Information

Application:AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)
Part/Product:Safety Sensor
Industry:Logistics Warehouse
Dimension:H21mm x W15mmx L22mm
Function:Obstacles for Automated Vehicles
Delivery Timeline:3~4 Months

AGV: This is a lens unit used in anti-collision sensors for AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles). In combination with distance-measuring sensors, it is mainly used in logistics warehouses to prevent collisions with people, objects or other obstacles.

The customer, who had no knowledge of optical units, was looking for a supplier who could provide them with a mechanism design as well as the optical units, and they turned to us. They also wanted to reduce costs by procuring parts in Asia, and the fact that TOYOTEC is present in Asia was one of the reasons for contacting us.

This lens unit uses a bandpass filter that allows only infrared rays to pass through, and designed with a combination of various lenses and mechanical parts. Since we were able to consult with them from the design stage, we were able to provide them with the maximum performance possible to meet their specifications.

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