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Commercial Cleaning Robot

Detail Information

Application:Commercial Cleaning Robot
Part/Product:Camera for Commercial Cleaning Robot
Dimension:L28mm x Φ32mm
Function:Obstacles such as aisles
Delivery Timeline:N/A

This is an introduction of the ultra-low distortion lens unit (RDL) for professional cleaning robot camera applications. The main purpose of this camera is to recognize obstacles in pathways.

Considering the increasing needs for remote control, this customer wanted to change the sensor to a camera.
This is why they were interested in TOYOTEC’s RDL, which is capable of capturing wide-angle, distortion-free images, and this led to this request.

>> RDL: Real Distortion-Less lens unit (Wide Angle, Ultra-Low distortion, and High quality)

TOYOTEC has a proven track record of supporting a wide range of projects from the development stage to mass production.
Since TOYOTEC is capable of handling the entire process from optical and mechanical design to component manufacturing and final product evaluation, we are able to produce original design and development products such as this RDL lens.
RDL lens is sold as a standard product and has its own specifications, but customized products based on the RDL lens are also available to meet customers’ needs.
If you are looking for distortion-free wide-angle lenses, please feel free to contact us.

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