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Echtes verzerrungsfreies Objektiv (Faltblatt)

Echtes verzerrungsfreies Objektiv (Faltblatt)

「Wide Angle, Ultra-Low Distortion, and High Quality」

RDL Lens: The RDL (Real Distortion-Less) lens unit

RDL lens is a revolutionary new lens unit that has succeeded in minimizing distortion through TOYOTEC’s unique optical design technology.

3 features of RDL Lens

  • 1. High Resolution – By removing distortion using optical design instead of image processing software, drop in pixel rate is prevented.
  • 2. Drastic Distortion Reduction – Distortion reduced down to below 2% by TOYOTEC’s original optical design.
  • 3. Horizontal Field of view 120°


TOYOTEC also offers custom prototyping of the RDL Lens. We can design and manufacture plastic and glass lenses as well as entire lens units, so we are able to propose performance improvements for the unit from the design stage. Please feel free to contact TOYOTEC if you have any questions about lens and lens systems design.



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