All About Optical Systems and Lens Technologies

Is TOYOTEC able to manufacture only with optical specifications ?

Yes, at TOYOTEC, which operates an optical design technology navigator, we are able to do from optical and mechanical design.

TOYOTEC can even design products from only optical specifications.
At first, we will check the application and specifications with the customer, and then we will propose the most suitable and specific product design through to manufacturing. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about design and manufacturing at various stages of development, such as when you are considering product concepts or product specifications.

If you do not have drawings on your hand but only the optical specifications available, the first step in the process is to identify the issues to be addressed in order to achieve the product through discussions. Then, depending on the contents, we will feed back the results of our internal studies, including optical design and simulation, and estimate the design and prototype costs based on the specifications.

Up to now, we have experienced a variety of lens development.
If you have a specific product specification in mind, or even if you don’t have any drawings at hand, we will support you from design proposal through to manufacture, so please feel free to contact us about your optical specifications.