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(RDL) How much the price of RDL lens ?

RDL are basically catalog standard products, but each one is a customized depending on the form of delivery and specifications other than the lens.

As we produce lenses after receiving the required quantity, we do not set a price. We will propose the most suitable delivery method based on the monthly/yearly delivery volume, so please feel free to contact us for inquiry.

For reference
[Lens only]
Up to 9 units: 50,000 yen
Up to 29 units: 45,000 yen
More than 30 units: 40,000 yen

[Lens + CMOS sensor]
Up to 9 units: 90,000 yen
Up to 29 units: 85,000 yen
More than 30 units: 80,000 yen

The above reference prices are based on the assumption of one-time delivery, and may differ greatly from the prices quoted for mass production. If you place an order in anticipation of mass production, we can propose a price that takes this into account.