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(Chinese) Does TOYOTEC have staff that is capable in speaking Chinese?

Yes, we have staff who can speak Chinese.
There are about 15 staff members who can speak both Chinese and Japanese at TOYOTEC’s production base in China, where Optical Design Engineering Navigator is operated.

As TOYOTEC is a Japanese company, conversations and e-mails in Japanese language are required for communication with Japanese customers and with our headquarters.
Therefore, our bilingual staff is active in various departments such as management, finance, sales, production management, and exclusive interpreter for our technical staff.

We also have two staff members who can speak both Chinese and English.
In our global business development, our business with customers in Europe, America and Asia is increasing. This enable our China production base to communicate directly with our customers speedily and seamlessly without any help of Japanese members.

Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking of communicating not only in Chinese but also in English.