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Special Evaluation Machine for Refractive Optical Target Marks

Detail Information

Application:Barcode Reader
Part/Product:Target Mark
Dimension:Based on Customer Request
Function:Shape of Target Marks
Delivery Timeline:3~4Months

This is a specialized machine in evaluating the performance of refractive optics lenses used in barcode readers.

Barcode readers are often used in logistics and warehousing industries, and used with a camera to scan barcodes, but it is difficult to tell where the scanner is aiming when it tries to scan something far away. Since it is difficult to recognize, a target mark is use to align the sights.

The customer wanted to make a target mark with a unique shape, so they contacted TOYOTEC, which can create an evaluation machine as well as doing the optical design.
In order to achieve the customer’s request, we performed optical simulations and helped design the lens shape, along with working on the lens from the design to the manufacturing phase, and provided a specialized machine to determine the quality of the shape of the projected light.
We evaluated the lens by checking if the shape of the laser beam passing through the lens meets the required specifications or not.

With our experience in manufacturing a wide variety of optical products, not only do we understand the function and performance of our customer’s products and are able to measure the components themselves, but we can design and produce our own specialized machine to evaluate the performance of components. These efforts appreciated by customers in a variety of industries.

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