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Specialized Evaluation Machine for Diffractive Optics

Detail Information

Application:Position Measurement Sensors for FA
Part/Product:Specialized Evaluation Machine
Dimension:Based on Customer Request
Function:Lens Wavefront Aberration
Delivery Timeline:3~4Months

This is a dedicated system in evaluating the diffraction efficiency of optical lenses used in position measurement sensors for factory automation (FA).
It can evaluate the transmitted wave front with high-speed and high accuracy for lenses that requires microscopic aberration measurements.

Since it is not possible to evaluate all the required specifications with general optical measurements of a single lens, it is difficult to determine the cause of a performance failure in the customer’s production line.
For this reason, the customer asked us to produce a specialized system that would not only evaluate the lens design and manufacturing, but also to evaluate performance of the lens after assembly into the actual product.

With our experience in manufacturing a wide variety of optical products, not only do we understand the function and performance of our customer’s products and are able to measure the components themselves, but we can design and produce our own specialized machine to evaluate performance of components. These efforts appreciated by customers in a variety of industries.

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