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Projection Lens Unit for Home Planetariums

Detail Information

Part/Product:Projection Lens Unit
Dimension:L49mm × φ32mm
Function:Costellation Projection
Delivery Timeline:6 Months

This product is a projection lens unit for home planetariums. The lens unit is used to project the constellations.

The customer has ordered lenses from a non-optical plastic manufacturer, but the lenses had problems, such as deformation of the constellations on the planetarium, blur around the periphery, and a dark image. We met with this customer at an exhibition, and we proposed a solution to the customer’s problems from the perspective of optical design and our lenses, which ultimately led to TOYOTEC being the customer’s supplier.

TOYOTEC designed and manufactured the entire system, from combination of glass and plastic lenses to the injection molded parts around the lenses. As a result, the performance improved and a clearer projection of the stars was achieved.

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