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Line Laser Module for Flow Cytometer

Detail Information

Application:Flow cytometer (cell analysis system) line laser
Part/Product:Line Laser Module
Industry:Medical care and medical equipment
Function:Cell analysis
Delivery Timeline:2 months

This is an example of a line generator module used in a flow cytometer. A flow cytometer is an analysis device used to observe cells one by one, and is used in the medical field.

This customer came to us in the development stage of this product. Due to the occurence of the COVID-19 pandemic, they wanted to manufacture a small, inexpensive inspection machine that could be used in the medical field. Although custom-made products inevitably require an initial investment, the customer wanted to create an unprecedented product that would offer cost advantages in the long run. The customer also valued TOYOTEC because there are very few manufacturers in the world that can provide custom optical components to control lasers, and TOYOTEC can provide them at a middle price among North America, Europe, Japan, and Asia.

For this product, we made design proposals not only for the Powell lens that forms the line, but also for the entire module.
Especially for the module that projects the line laser, we made the best proposal for the customer based on the request to make it more compact than the existing product, design requirements, and manufacturability.

TOYOTEC can make a proposal for the entire product according to the customer’s requirements, from the fabrication of lenses with complex shapes such as Powell lenses, to the design of the entire laser module. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about custom optical components to control lasers or the development of laser modules.

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