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Line Laser Module for 3D Picking Robot Arms

Detail Information

Application:Laser Module for 3D Picking
Part/Product:Lens Unit
Dimension:L24mm × φ13mm
Function:Various Items for Picking
Delivery Timeline:N/A

This is a laser module that is used in 3D robot arms that performs picking operations.

This customer has been searching for a supplier with custom production capabilities, since their current product could no longer meet the required specifications, due to changes in the production line and workpieces.

The customer impressed by our powell lenses,we made an additional proposal on heat dissipation measures. A powell lens, also known as a laser line generator lens, is a lens used to generate a linear laser line of a uniform intensity distribution by fanning out collimated light. To redistribute the Gaussian-induced laser beam uniformly over the line, this lens requires a complex two-dimensional aspherical shape and advanced processing techniques. TOYOTEC is capable of designing and processing complex and difficult-to-process lenses such as powell lenses.

As a result of these proposals, we were able to meet the customer’s evaluation criteria for line length and line width of the irradiation area as requested.

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