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Line Generator Lens Performance Evaluation Machine

Detail Information

Application:Laser Module for 3D Picking
Part/Product:Performance Evaluation Machine
Industry:Robot Picking
Dimension:Based on Customer Request
Function:Laser Radiation Length and Width
Delivery Timeline:3~4Months

This is a specialized machine to evaluate the performance of laser modules used in 3D robotic arms for picking operations.

Originally our customers were interested in our Powell lens. A Powell lens, also known as a laser line generator lens, is a lens that is used to generate a linear laser line with a uniform intensity distribution by fanning out collimated light.
>>Line Laser Module For 3D Picking Robot Arms

We not only manufactured the Powell lens but also created a special machine to evaluate its performance and function.
As a result, we have been able to meet the customer’s evaluation criteria for line length and line width in the irradiation area as required.

Our experience in manufacturing a wide variety of optical products allows us to understand the function and performance of our customers’ products. Therefore, we can not only measure the components themselves, but we can design and produce our own dedicated evaluation machines to evaluate the performance of components. These efforts are appreciated by customers in a variety of industries.

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