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Lens Unit for Tonometers

Detail Information

Part/Product:Lens Unit for Tonometers
Industry:Medical care and medical equipment
Delivery Timeline:For reassignment consideration

This is the lens unit used in the tonometer.
It is an important key device that functions to adjust the focus between the device and the target eye when the patient measures intraocular pressure.

Due to the recent changes in the situation, changes in market conditions, and the need to improve BCP, the customer was looking for more stable mass production and further cost reduction in preparation for the future increase in production volume.
So, they consulted us, which had a proven track record in mass production of high-precision plastic lenses for industrial equipment.
We made a proposal from the design to the manufacturing of the lens unit used inside the tonometer, which was highly evaluated by the customer.

This product was a lens used in an tonometer, and therefore required high precision and robustness.
Based on the customer’s specifications and budget, we not only processed single plastic or glass lenses, but also proposed lens units that considered the product specifications from the optical design stage. If you have any questions about the development of lens units for medical use, please contact us.

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