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Lens Unit for Blood Cell Analyzers

Detail Information

Application:Cell Analyzing
Part/Product:Lens Unit (Illumination Lens + Objective Lens Unit + Condenser Lens Unit)
Industry:Medical Equipment
Dimension:L81mm × φ22mm
Function:Blood Cells
Delivery Timeline:4 Months

The product is for the medical industry, used as a blood cell analyzer for cell analysis.This product needs a very small slit that focuses the laser beam, and the lens that reads it has a special specification, so the customer was looking for a supplier who can design and read it. They contacted TOYOTEC with wide experience and ability to handle even the most sophisticated specifications.We made a variety of proposals during the design phase, and eventually we were able to move from prototype to mass production.

This application is a lens and a lens unit for a blood cell analyzer. Blood cells are approximately 6 to 20 microns in diameter, and the lenses and lens units must be manufactured and assembled with high precision. Due to the customer’s specifications, the slit that focuses the laser is very small, and the lens that reads it has a special specification. Because the lens requires micron-level precision, there were only a few suppliers in Japan, and the customer was looking for a supplier who could be entrusted with a stable design process. From that point of view, they came to TOYOTEC as their chosen supplier.

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