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Lens Unit for Barcode Readers

Detail Information

Application:Barcode Reader
Part/Product:Lens Unit for Barcode Scanning
Function:Barcode Scanner
Delivery Timeline:N/A

Barcode: This is a lens unit used in barcode readers. We produce everything from lenses to structures used in devices for barcode reading.

The customer recognized us as a plastic lens manufacturer with strong design capabilities, so they accepted our proposal of integrated production from the unit to the structure.

In addition to processing plastic lenses, TOYOTEC also manufactures and assembles lighting, mirrors, and mechanical components such as barcode readers. Initially, this customer requested only plastic lenses, but by outsourcing the manufacturing of the entire unit to TOYOTEC, we were able to reduce parts management costs and man-hours.

Many customers ask us to manufacture only the lenses, but by consulting us from the design stage of the unit, including mechanisms other than the lenses, we are able to propose cost reductions from the optical design stage. By leaving the manufacturing of unit parts to us, we are able to reduce our customers’ management costs. If you have any questions about the cost of optical unit design and manufacturing, please feel free to contact us.

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