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Laser Scanning Surveying Instruments

Detail Information

Application:Surveying Equipment
Part/Product:Laser Scanning Surveying Instruments
Function:Construction, Architecture
Delivery Timeline:Over 2 months

This is the plastic mirror of the laser scanning system used for laser scanning type surveying instruments.
It is frequently used in construction and architectural fields to measure distance, angle, horizontal and vertical degrees, etc.

The customer manufactures and develops surveying instruments and was looking for an optical lens for their laser light source.
In the past, scanning optics for laser scanning were mainly made of metal parts or glass lenses, but the company was considering the use of resin to reduce weight, price, and size.

As a company that specializes in plastic mirrors, we were consulted by this company.
Since we had a lot of experience in mass production of optical components near laser light sources for copiers and bar code components, we had our own manufacturing know-how.
In this case, the customer required a high reflectance at a relevant wavelength, so we proposed a “gold mirror” coating on the plastic lens, and the customer was very satisfied.

We have received consultations from a variety of development projects like this.
If you have any problems with your current product, such as weight reduction, price reduction, or compactness, please feel free to contact us.

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