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Imaging Lens Unit for Biometric Camera Modules

Detail Information

Application:Biometric Identification Devices
Part/Product:AF Lens Unit
Industry:Security / Automatic Recognition / Biometrics
Function:Human Body
Delivery Timeline:3 Months

This is an imaging lens unit for biometric cameras. It is used for biometric authentication when entering or leaving the facility.

The customer wanted to downsize the unit from the current model, and wanted to request not only production of parts but also the design of the lens, and was looking for an optical design manufacturer.Our company has a wealth of experience in lens design.

This imaging lens unit composed of glass lenses, mechanical parts and special lenses. Since the customer requested this unit from the design stage, we were able to reduce the weight of the entire unit by redesigning the lens unit to include an autofocus function and reducing the number of lenses.

TOYOTEC can design and manufacture plastic and glass lenses as well as entire lens units, so we are able to propose weight reduction and performance improvements for the unit from the design stage. Please feel free to contact TOYOTEC if you have any questions about lens design or weight reduction for your unit.

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