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Illumination Lenses for Driver Surveillance Cameras

Detail Information

Application:Driver Monitoring
Part/Product:Illumination Lens
Industry:Automotive and Transportation Equipment
Function:Human Safety
Delivery Timeline:2 Months

This is an Illumination lens used in cameras to monitor car drivers. It is used as a component in driver monitoring products that prevent drivers from falling asleep at the wheel, which has recently become more and more problematic.

The customer was looking for a supplier that can manufacture illumination lens for a new development project, but they had no knowledge of optics and were looking for a company that could design the lens from scratch, and they turned to TOYOTEC.

The lens was used in a near-infrared camera, and by using the expertise we had gained in the past when we designed and developed car-mounted cameras, we were able to produce a high-precision lens. The simulation results were good, and the customer was highly satisfied with the results.

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