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Condenser Lens for Automotive Head-up Display

Detail Information

Application:In-vehicle HUD (Head-up Display)
Part/Product:LED floodlight lens (prototype)
Industry:Automobiles and transportation equipment
Function:Meter display area
Delivery Timeline:N/A

This is a HUD (Head Up Display) that projects necessary information onto the windshield of an automobile.
A condenser lens is used to focus the LED light of the HUD light source part.

This was an inquiry from a material manufacturer that we purchase from, but until now we had no relationship with them except for the products we purchased. As a result of our proposal of TOYOTEC’s technology for lens parts, they contacted us as a new customer. The customer was pleased with this opportunity, saying, “Since we had no connection with the lens manufacturer, we had declined quotations and were missing out on opportunities.

We manufacture lenses using a variety of materials, including plastic lenses, their molds, and glass lenses.
In addition to condenser lenses, we can also manufacture custom lenses such as Fresnel lenses, Powell lenses, and resin mirrors, which require complex shapes and high precision.
If you have any questions about lens development or manufacturing, please feel free to contact us.

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