All About Optical Systems and Lens Technologies

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★We are currently registering March’s rebroadcast! The 2 webinars available would be the following;

①Vol.4 What are the Best Lenses and Lens Units for Image Recognition, Detection, and Sensing?

Chapter 1: From “Viewing” to “Sensing”
Chapter 2: The 3 Important Concepts of Lens Design
Chapter 3: The Specification of Lens and Optical Modules for Each Application




Vol.5 The Features and Case Studies of the Wide and Distortion-less “RDL Lens”

Chapter 1: Why is it “Wide and Distortion-less”?
Kapitel 2: Die Funktionen des RDL-Objektivs
Kapitel 3: Einführung von Angeboten auf den Märkten


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