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Projection Evaluator for Camera Finder Optics

Detail Information

Application:Video Camera
Part/Product:Specialized Evaluation Machine
Dimension:Based on Customer Request
Function:Projected Image Accuracy (Irradiated Spot Irradiance and Size)
Delivery Timeline:3~4Months

This is a specialized device in evaluating performance of the optical system, which is use in the viewfinder of video cameras.

The viewfinder is a part of the camera that composes and focuses the image before shooting. If there are problems in optical design for this part, images will be blurry or dark when you peak in it.

The customer requested not only the design and manufacturing of the optical unit of the viewfinder, but also a specialized device to check if it is viable or not under the environment the video camera might be used in.We can simulate the environment in which the user will use the optical unit and evaluate whether it properly meets the required size and illumination of the light spot that passes through the optical unit.

With our experience in manufacturing a wide variety of optical products, not only do we understand the function and performance of our customer’s products and are able to measure the components themselves, but we can design and produce our own specialized machine to evaluate performance of components. These efforts appreciated by customers in a variety of industries.

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